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Russian Classical Pianist-Virtuoso, composer – Senya Son

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Russian Classical Pianist-Virtuoso, composer – Senya Son
Senya Son graduated from Moscow Music Academy named by Gnesin and Moscow Government Conservatory named by P.I.Tchaikovsky in classification of piano and composition. Senya Son was the only disciple of the great russian composer Alemdar Caramanov from whom was comprehend in skill of polyphony and symphonic orchestration.
Senya Son ran the gamut of his creativity from classical music to contemporary. The main part it his music-idea and thought. To think for Senya Son means to create. Nobody around the world can't hear and play music how Senya Son. Interpretations which are played by this pianist captivate by their depth , emotion, spirituality, bright individuality and perfection.
Today Senya Son is the only musician in the world who reviews the heritage of the Viennese classics by his way, adds his amazing discoveries in harmonious language of famous works of Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Scriabin and another great composers. But classical music is eternal and inexhaustible source for Senya Son.
There are brilliant words written about this musiciant in the universal anthology "Outstanding people of the world": "the play of Senya Son and his unique programs are an event collecting a full house of enamoured fans. As an elite pianist, his art like a righteous spirit cures the lack of spirituality."
- Winner of award "Maestro" in Forte Del Miami (Italy);
- Winner of award named by Pablo Cazalsa in Madrid (Spain);
- Winner of Exclusive jubilee medal named by D.Shostakovich (Russia);
- Winner of award named by Arthur Rubinstein in Los-Angeles (USA);
- Since 2006 is included in the english international catalogue of 17 exclusive pianists of the world.
Senya Son - A.Skriabin 'Etude'
Senyа Son - L.V.Beethoven Sonata № 8 Patehetic Part 3
Senya Son Impresario: Kirill Chibisov
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