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Russian Balet Images

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The theatrical group “Russian Balet Images” was created by Dmitriy Gudanov, the Bolshoi Theatre’s premier ballet dancer, holding a prestigious title of the ‘People’s Artist of Russia’. The group’s core team is mainly made up of the leading soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre and the Mariinsky Theatre. The artistic credo of the group is to develop classical traditions of Russian ballet art combined with the creation of original works based on classical literature material.

In 2018 “Russian Balet Images” presented the premiere of the show “Petipa Gala” devoted to the 200-th anniversary of Marius Petipa. The show consists of the best ballet figures of the famous masterpieces such as …, that were once staged by Marius Petipa himself.

Marius Petipa is a French choreographer, whose name is familiar to anyone who is even briefly acquainted with the history of ballet. He is well known and respected in every place where ballet theatres and schools exist, where films and TV shows about ballet are shown, where books about this amazing art are published. Although born in France, he spent his life working in Russia and is considered one of the patriarchs of the Russian school of classical ballet.

Today “Russian Balet Images” represents a maturation of choreography and director’s thought, innovative plastic and scenographic solutions, which already deserved a leading position amongst the global choreographic.
Russian Ballet Images - Petipa Gala 2018-2019
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Russian Ballet Images Gala

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