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Кирилл Чибисов
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RU-CONCERT from Russia.

Dear producers and musicians!

RU-CONCERT company was founded in 2001 and operates successfully

up to day in Russian music industry.


During all this time we have accumulated vast experience in organizing private

and cash concerts in Russia and near board countries. Only in 2010 we organised

174 concerts of Russian and foreign music artists. Many Russian promoters and

producers have repeatedly acted and continue to act incorrectly with you and

your colleagues in Russia. We would like to change your opinion about Russian

promoters. RU-CONCERT company specialists are always ready to give you proper

advice and help in promotion of your musical material on Russian music market

and become your reliable partners and representatives in Russian


One of the projects of the company is the website ordering of artists which is

considered to be the largest search engine of the popular actors in Russia.

Over 100000 people visit this site every month including

promoters, producers, journalists and managers of Russian event industry.

We would be glad to provide our website for posting news and releases about your

artists. E-mail: booking@ru-concert.ru


Best regards,


Russia, Moscow.